Style Guide: How To Find Your Bracelet Style

Trying to find the right bracelet style that fits your personality and apparel style, here are our tips:



Wish you could soothe stress and look good at the same time? Aromatherapy bracelets are just what you need. Inhale the calming scents of your favourite essential oils from a convenient and beautifully decorated bracelet.


Our natural stone bracelets come in endless varieties: multicolour, wood, lava stone, hematite, agate… Choose a plain one if you’re the simple type, or turn your bracelet into a conversation starter with charms shaped like a buddha head, dragon, turtle, or even batman!


Uniquely-designed, beaded wrap bracelets are not your ordinary beaded bracelet. Each bracelet is long and needs to be wrapped around the wrist for a maximum stacked effect.


The bohemian collection includes woven hemp, wrapped leather, and antique silver bracelets for men and women. Semi-precious stones like turquoise and tiger’s eye look great with a Southwestern cowboy girl inspired outfit, especially when they’re combined with leather or rough-surfaced metals.


This Buddha Beads collection caters to people who practice the values of Buddhism. Each bead and strand of these bracelets are made especially for praying or channelling energy. These usually come in various materials like wood, stone, or shells. Even if you’re a die-hard leather-bracelet wearer, you’ll be tempted by how stylish these meaningful bracelets look…


If you think chains are boring, think again. Our chain collection includes everything from delicate sterling silver with emoji charms, to the toughest Byzantine links and box chains.


For the Christians who love to showcase their love for God, Cross Bracelets are indeed a good selection you need to see.


Already wearing your heart on your sleeve? Why not wear your beliefs on your wrist with an elegant hand-stamped bracelet. Inspiration will always be close at hand.


These gorgeous leather bracelets can go from edgy to dressy to casual and back again. It all depends on how you style them – and your attitude, of course.


Our macrame collection features coins, skulls, diamond balls, and all things sparkly. A must for any bracelet collection. Bonus: the rope ties make them easy to adjust for any wrist size.


Use these mala beads to keep track of your breaths while meditating. Or just wear them to look cool… We won’t tell anyone ;).


If you have to wear a medical id bracelet, you may as well get one that looks good. Choose from band options including black silicone, steel chains, and folding links.


Nautical bracelets are just the thing for summer when the weather’s hot and the ocean waves are calling. Even if you’re stuck in a cubicle all summer though, you can still add a dose of surfer-cool to your outfit.


Get in the patriotic spirit with a bracelet from our national pride collection. No need to wait for the Olympics – the gorgeous tri-coloured leather strands are subtle enough for wearing year-round.


The beads in our prayer bracelet collection are made of woods like sandalwood, peachwood, and African wenge. These beautiful materials look just as great in the simple one-strand version as they do in an elaborate four-strand wrap style.


Porcelain bracelets recall the charm of legendary European cities, but they’ve been updated with metal, rope, and leather for a modern finish. The best part is you’ll probably be the only person around who’s wearing one since they don’t seem to have caught on in a widespread manner yet.


Some of our rope bracelets have anchor charms, others are adorned with diamond stoppers, but they all have the effortless appeal of seaside style.


The royal collection features all the glittering micro pave jewels we could get our hands-on. You may only be royalty on the inside, but everyone will know there’s something special about you when you wear one of these bracelets.


Shamballa bracelets are inspired by Eastern spirituality. They also happen to look really cool. Go low-key with a black resin or lava stone version, or rock out with pave crystals and skull-shaped beads.


Medieval and Renaissance painters often included a skull in their work to symbolize that death was never far away. Bring the idea of memento mori into your own life with a bracelet from our (undoubtedly Jack-Sparrow-approved) skulls collection.


The bracelets in our spiritual collection feature charms shaped like mystical symbols: Om, hamsa hands, and lucky Buddhas mean good thoughts will be ever on your mind.


Want to add a boho-chic touch to your outfit, but don’t want to keep track of tons of different pieces? Try a multi-strand stacked bracelet. These bracelets only take a second to put on but give you the look of a world traveller with a treasure trove full of jewellery.


The gorgeous Tibetan collection is a one-stop-shop for all your round beaded bracelet needs.


For those who have a penchant for wraparound bracelets, the Wrap Bracelets collection houses unique bracelets of different materials and colours for both men and women.


For all astrology lovers, an enigmatic collection of Zodiac Bracelets is also available in all 12 signs.

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